Poll: Unified Southwest Florida MLS System

Let the Boards hear what you have to say!


Why Didn’t I Know About This

To all who responded, Thank You! I am receiving responses thanking me as well as some who are criticizing me. There are already a lot more responses coming in as of this writing with many in favor of a single MLS system. A few are criticizing my writing under a pseudonym. Interestingly, the criticism and the e-mails condemning me are 100% from current, past and future Board officers and current, future and past committee chairs.

I understand that there has been an agreement between the Taskforce for a single MLS system with complete sharing of listings. The recommendation must still be approved by the Boards and there is some disagreement about the complete sharing of the listing information and history. Some believe that ListingBook is all the sharing that is required. Apparently, the fact that one Board attempted stop ListingBook from publishing Closed Sale data is irrelevant.

To those who asked, “what can I do?” CALL AND E-MAIL YOUR CURRENT AND FUTURE BOARDS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN! Then call and e-mail again and again. Talk to a friend and get them to participate. Make them hear you! We are all busy however; we are dealing with a group that believes that they know what your business needs more than you know what your business needs. They generally cannot hear you.

Something That You Should Know About Your MLS

Would It Help Your Business If Your Listings Could Be Shown From Cape Coral To Marco Island On A Single MLS Database?

Would It Help Your Business If You Could Send Your Buyers Information From A Single MLS Database?

It would help mine!!

So you will understand why, I was shocked to hear a couple of my fellow Association Members chatting at lunch in Orlando about a District 5 MLS Taskforce that was considering a single MLS vendor. Yes, one MLS for all of District 5. Why didn’t I know anything about this???

I came back from Orlando and did a little investigating and much to my surprise I found out that the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples and Bonita Springs/Estero Boards had narrowed the field down to 2 vendors and had had a demonstration by the two finalists several weeks ago. Why didn’t I know anything about this???

Today, I found out that another demonstration had been held in Orlando by another vendor, not previously considered by the Taskforce. Why didn’t I know anything about this???

Guess What!!!! I just found out that the Boards cannot agree, again. Naples wants a small vendor, one of the finalists, and Fort Myers is leaning toward not changing vendors, at all. Cape Coral and Bonita Springs/Estero are willing to go along with any decision that the Taskforce makes as long as the Boards are all together and MLS information is shared.

Why didn’t I know anything about this???

I did not know anything about this because the Boards’ Leadership decided that I did not know enough about my business to have this information. The Boards’ Leadership required that information not beshared with Membership. The Boards’ Leadership decided that they know best what my business needs to be successful. The Boards’ Leadership has decided that District 5 will once again not move forward with a unified MLS. I wonder what the PUBLIC that we serve will think????